Erasmus Student Housing Istanbul Organization provides fully furnished rental houses, rooms and services for Erasmus and other International Students. Being established in 2009, Erasmus Student Houses is one of the pioneers in Istanbul. 

All our houses are conveniently and centrally located, close to the mostly preferred university campuses with 30-60 min. transportation time. All the benefits of living close to campus, help you save time with convenience, efficiency and ease of living. All houses have easy access to all means of transportation and to supermarkets, pharmacies, banks and exchange offices.

Other key advantages of living with other fellow  Erasmus and International Students includes the opportunity to shorten your adaptation period, enjoy more opportunities for cross-cultural exchanges and faster closer friendships with other Erasmus students.

The Erasmus Student Houses provides you an English speaking landloard, who is better able to communicate with you to answer questions, solve problems and lend guidance regarding the city and Turkish culture is very big plus.

Erasmus Houses offers the best prices at the best location, in a friendly environment with a quality service.